Today we’re going to show you a way to download the MIPC app on each the Windows Platform and the Mac platform. MIPC is an Android app that gives real-time surveillance video through using your Internet connection.

Download  MIPC App: Google Play

MIPC Feature

MIPC is a tool inside the Android Google Play Store and so it is designated for Android gadgets however this and tutorial on the way to download MIPC for PC and a way to get and installation MIPC for Windows and MIPC for Mac workaround to enable you to download MIPC for PC is discussed little by little underneath. In this case, you’ll get MIPC for Windows and MIPC for Mac. Ensure you have an operating connection earlier than downloading the app. Read below for a step by step manual on how to deploy this app for your PC.

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Procedure for downloading and putting in MIPC for PC (Includes Windows and Mac)

1. The first element you have to do is download BlueStacks from this link which is basically an Android emulator in your PC like we said before and in an effort to assist you to run MIPC application to your Windows or Mac computer.

2. After downloading the Android emulator, you have to install it to get the MIPC app from the Google Play keep from the BlueStacks software.

Open the folder wherein you downloaded it and double-click on it. The Android emulator gives you an Android platform in any computer and you may use it to download apps together within this case you’re the use of it to download MIPC for Windows and MIPC for Mac.

3. Follow the prompts while the emulator opens. And let it load until you get to a check-in web page.

4. You can supply a login page. You Login here the use of your Google account the usage of your Google e-mail deal with and your Google password. If you d now not have an existing Google account please click on sign on and follow the prompts to open a new Google account.

5. After a hit login, you’ll view a page with many apps advertising on it. Click at the search bar and look for MIPC and click on enter.

6. Search for the MIPC app on the play save which is the web page that opens up.

7. Look for MIPC via Kugle and click on installation. It could be below tools within the play keep.

8. After installation click opens then experience your MIPC for Windows and MIPC for Mac. You can  require to set it up before the use of it


The manner is identical while you need to download and MIPC for PC whether you want to download MIPC for Windows or MIPC for Mac. This is because the BlueStacks software program is available for both working systems.

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