AnonyTun: The net, much like the road isn’t always safe to walk through freely. There are regions in which the citizens are very territorial either making your life feel like you are unwelcome with regulations, or completely blockading you altogether.

Sometimes it’s miles you who must be cautious. As your proxy deal with may be a victim of hackers that lurk in an internet site. Or host enterprise that is its miles registeres underneath. Like all horrific things there lies a possibility within.

AnonyTun is the regulator of Virtual Private Networks dedicated to the loose motion on the net. The creators of this clever and handy app are a dominating pressure in VPN applications. They are an organization referred to as Art Of Tunnel and you have to sincerely strive their utility device.

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AnonyTun Feature

How Does AnonyTun Work?

You can nearly feel the commonly limiting network gives you a bypass into their domain names. The AnonyTun is infamous for gaining you unlimited get admission to to the limited sites you wish to surf. This completely a rely on that AnonyTun handles without a doubt nicely this presents you the posh to roam freely and undetected even in government blocked sites with only an easy app.

Is The AnonyTun App Safe?

Yes, the AnonyTun app is a privateness protector. People use smartphones for everything nowadays from social media interaction to online banking. Most times its miles you who desire safety on-line.

There are a whole lot of cyber attacks that compromise your safety. Your privacy is taken very severely with the aid of AnonyTun. Making positive your proxy cope with goes omitted so you are not at risk of hackers who exist to reason internet surfers nightmares or maybe thieve precious records.

Is It User-Friendly?

Saying person-pleasant is antique however the ease wherein you may access the net with this app is super. You can simply press the connect button on the app’s interface and revel in it.

What Is Included In The AnonyTun App?

AnonyTun makes use of its very own server addresses in place of yours when you use this app. This maintains you from being detected with the aid of the internet site limiting you. The tunneling continues your cope with anonymous. Here are the types of tunneling modes.

  • SSL Tunnel
  • Http Tunnel
  • TCP Tunnel

Who Can Benefit From Anonytun App?

This is each for the person who is simply seeking to access the websites that they like freely to folks who are greater experience and are looking for a platform to sharpen their talents at the benefit in their smartphone.

You get to check your IT talents on the Stealth Mode. You get an extra fingers-on technique for your app. Changing the proxy, port, protocol and different connection settings that assist you to fly beneath the radar. Alternating between the tunnel modes at your own deciding on.

How Much Does It Cost

This freedom to surf extends all the way to the price of this app. It is just as freely available to download on the App Store for iOS, on the Google Play for Android and for PC the usage of BlueStacks emulator.

How To Download AnonyTun For PC Using BlueStacks Emulator
There are the ones people who want to surf the net on a larger display screen, thus comes the want to have AnonyTun for PC. The availability of the software on Google Play restricts us to just the Android cellular choice cutting Laptop and Personal Computer owners out of the benefits. Don’t melancholy, the humans at BlueStacks have come up with a device that lets you convert your Android application into Pc pleasant software via their useful emulator.

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Downloading Anonytun App For PC Using BlueStacks Android Emulator

1. Download BlueStacks Android Emulator

You must download the BlueStacks software from this http://bluestacks.Com.This is important that will help you download AnonyTun for PC. It works as a tool to assist you to download the AnonyTun application for Windows & AnonyTun for Mac.

2. Download The Anonytun Application From Google Play

Once this is taken care of, you use the Google Play keep from BlueStacks to find. Download and installation the AnonyTun application to your PC.


The blessings you get on mobile are proper however at the PC you may get a good deal more velocity and space making easier to paintings with packages and software program. You can download the AnonyTun unfastened for PC. It works without the need for any registration. Got it? Now allow the browsing to begin.

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