Android games on PC are still a topic of interest for gamers around the world. No matter how much handheld devices get powerful and no matter how big their screens can get, but still old dudes like me want to play games using a keyboard and a mouse. Things are improving day by day and we can see that handheld devices are getting more and more powerful. Games for such devices, on the other hand, are also getting smarter day by day. With high-resolution graphics and real-time computing, their requirements are also getting bigger with time

Coming straight to the point we all want to know how to play android games on PC.  There are different methods that allow us to play android games on PC.  As we all know we’re getting into the digital age and almost nothing is impossible so playing android games on PC is also possible.

The most well-known and best way to play android games on your PC is by using an emulator.  There are many emulators available in the market, such as BlueStacks and Andy which are the most popular emulators available on the Internet.  In this article, we will tell how you can play android games on your pc using these emulators.

How these emulators work

So basically these emulators create an artificial environment just like your android phone on your computer. In that artificial environment, you can play or run any kind of android related game or application. BlueStacks, MEmu, and Nox Player are most commonly used emulators on PC.

Why these, why not others? This is because these have been tested for years now and they have proved to be the best at the moment. Easily available on the internet, no paid contents, Open source and very easy to use and comprehend.

How to use a simple Emulator on PC

Emulators are very simple to use. Yet they come with a handy and comprehendible setup wizard.  All you need to do is to download your desired Emulator from its official site in the first place. Done with the download…..! now you need to execute the file to your hard drive and you are good to go. Now the emulator is ready to use, you just need to add your google play ID to start using apps and games. You can create a new google play ID as well. Here you go, it is simple and you can now play any game or use any application on your PC.

Looking for the best? Which one to choose

In this digital age, we have a vast variety of softwares that are available for free on the internet. either we can go for a trial and error or we can choose to select the best based on the expert opinion. So underneath is a list of best android emulators that are available for free and have a good track record in terms of performance.


The best so far in the market with many competitive features, BlueStack is very easy to install and yet very easy to use. So far the fastest mobile gaming platform available on the internet. It can play any game no matter how high-performance that game is. More of a gaming platform it’s not just an emulator. With more than 300 million users around the globe, BlueStack is our first recommendation.


Not much on the menu here but MEmu is also among the few best emulators available on the internet. It is fast, easy to install, easy to play games with and specially designed to fulfill your gaming thirst on PC.  Most notable features include easy control configuration, easy installation method and you can also enhance graphics according to your needs.

Nox Player 

One of the best, designed for games, very easy to install and very easy to configure according to your needs. Nox Player is comparatively the best option you can choose if you wish to play android games on your PC. Compatible with all new and old games, highly compatible with your system requirements and very ease of configuration are some notable features if Nox Player.


All these emulators are capable of handling all new and old games. Now it doesn’t matter if you are playing Angry Birds or Asphalt 8. These emulators can handle every kind of game. You will notice that every high-performance game will be running as good as it runs on your smartphone.

How to play Android Games on PC

You will notice a bit of discomfort in your laptop of PC like the battery gets drained out very quickly and in some cases, laptops and PC`s can get heat up a little bit. This is completely normal as it goes the same way on our smartphones.


These emulators are awesome in performance and they can help you play a lot of games that you ever wished to play on your smartphone. Even, those high-performance games which you cannot play on your smartphones. These emulators are especially designed to play games, you can also download and run apps on your PC using these emulators as well. BlueStacks, Andy and Remix OS share the same properties. The installation procedure is also much similar. Downloading games on any of them is also very similar.